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Interview with Davide Scassillo of Dasca Studio

In the bustling world of interior architecture, Dasca Studio stands out for its tailored approach, creating unique, bespoke spaces for its clients. We had the pleasure of interviewing Davide Scassillo, the architect behind this innovative company, to learn more about Dasca Studio's successful projects and the philosophy that guides them.


Davide, let's start with you and Dasca Studio. What does your company specialize in?

Well, Dasca Studio specializes in interior architecture, especially for venues, shops, and villas. We create custom-made spaces for our clients, with a focus on residential areas.


You mentioned two types of projects that require rapid completion times. How do you handle this challenge?

Absolutely, our philosophy is to tailor each project to the client's needs, and that often takes considerable time. However, in projects like venues and shops, we have to be quick. The pressure often leads to surprising results. The time limit is never a limit to our design.


Talking about a current project, what can you tell us about your new concept store?

I'm working on a clothing concept store, a boutique with unique materials and a completely unconventional style. We're incorporating clay, antique wood, compacted concrete, colored glass with LED lights resembling clouds, creating a unique and immersive environment with touches of greenery.


Talking about color, what color palette have you chosen for this project?

The color palette ranges from earthy tones to antique pink. It will be a project dominated by the monomaterial clay and glass, with transparencies that enhance the charm of the clay.


You mentioned clay. Will the furnishings also be customized?

Absolutely, all the furnishings will be custom-made, following the theme of clay and glass.


Talking about past projects, can you share a recent project that you are particularly proud of?

Of course, a beautiful private residence with natural materials, lots of greenery, and an innovative pool. Vertical greenery was a key element, allowing the incorporation of natural elements even in urban settings.


Working with greenery, it seems to have become an increasingly important element in design. In what areas do you find it most effective?

Today, greenery can be used in all areas, from residential to commercial to private. It has become a fundamental element for creating unique environments.

Dasca Studio continues to amaze with its tailored approach to interior architecture. Davide Scassillo and his team consistently demonstrate their skill in innovation and creative reuse of materials. With projects like the upcoming concept store, the company promises to take the world of interior architecture to new heights of creativity and originality.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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