Michele Chiarlo Wine company Asti

Michele Chiarlo Wine company Asti

A fantastic realization of vertical meadows in the frame of Piedmont hills, between Langhe and Monferrato, has transformed the image of the building. The project, realized for the Company Michele Chiarlo of Asti, consisted in facade covering. After a series of analyses and proposals, the customer opted for an elegant vertical lawn composed by the essence Zoysia. This type of essence is characterized by a low water consumption, and a minimum of nourishment requirement. Another feature of this product is its high adaptability to the climate, which is also manifested in the beautiful color change depending on the season, from green for spring and summer and yellow tones during autumn and winter, so merging with the surrounding nature.

Completion of the installation took 20 days covering more than 600 square meters of lawn vertically and 200 square meters of creeper .

Project in collaboration with Mariano Mulazzani design


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