Green division - Banca del Sempione Vertical Garden

Green division - Banca del Sempione Vertical Garden

Banca del Sempione SA and Architect Federico Malnati chose Verde Profilo to create a Green Division in the Lugano headquarters.

The design idea was to make a 20 sqm vertical garden, created with our VP-MODULO technology, the protagonist of the Executive Office; the botanical layout for which we have opted is the “Jungle” one with numerous essences that alternate in groups generating very natural stains.

Thanks to the glass doors of the executive office (see photo) the new green wall is particularly important because it can also act as a sumptuous proscenium for those entering the main entrance of the Bank.

The garden project involved our technicians to best meet all the client's needs; of particular importance is the ad hoc design of the technical compartment that we have managed to optimize by concentrating it in less than 1 square meter.

We are always satisfied when we meet customers who embrace our philosophy and think of integrating greenry in their work spaces not only for an aesthetic value, but also as a precious element of well-being and culture.

Project- Green Division, Banca del Sempione SA, Lugano
Designer - Arch. Federico Malnati, Mendrisio

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