The teamwork distinguishes us: the top brands of Made in Italy
The best brands in Made in Italy combine to create new synergies: here are the companies with which VERDE PROFILO® has created a network of collaborative and mutual support.

The primary objective is to spread the prestige and quality of Italian products worldwide.

The teamwork of the best Italian brands to enhance the value of Made in Italy: not only design, but also research and development of innovative technology solutions and great attention to detail.



Verde Profilo® is a partner of CDN - Contract Design Network Group, a business network of leading companies in their respective fields. The group's mission is to offer a 360-degree solutions for the office, community, entertainment and sporting world.

In 2010, after twenty years of design experience Luciano Caprini has utilised his creativity and knowledge to enable greater cohesion between his designs and the surrounding environment. Creating on the shores of Lake Garda, Luciano is expert in the recovery of public and private green space, careful to ensure that his designs integrate both the unique design concept with the ecological requirements to blend man and nature in perfect harmony.


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