MOSSwall® - Fire Certification

MOSSwall® - Fire Certification

Green areas and green scenograpihes in public environments plays a fundamental role, to amaze and to make the environment more welcoming to the visitor.

Public environments such as Airports, Theaters, Congress Halls, Shopping Centers and Halls of Hotels are some examples ofenvironments where we can usually find green scenographies that enrich the design.

But to install natural walls inside public spaces with a large number of visitors, many safety rules must be respected, one of which is the fire certification for wall claddings.

For this reason and to have a more and more performing product Verde Profilo has certified its products to fire.

MOSSwall®, a stabilized lichen for interior walls, has been certified to fire through various tests conducted by certified companies, receiving a classification among the highest according to European and US norms allowing us to install our stabilized lichen MOSSwall® in any public environment .

In addition, Verde Profilo is the company that patented the MOSSwall® system, ie the fixing of natural stabilized wall lichens and the only company in the world to sell the original and certified fire product.





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