Zero maintenance for stabilized natural plants, a practical solution for interior design

Zero maintenance for stabilized natural plants, a practical solution for interior design

What are natural stabilized plants? These are plant species subjected to a conservation treatment, which “vitrifies” them, making them able to survive without water or sunlight, for example, to decorate rooms without windows.

Stabilized plants can be aromatic, succulent, flower and bonsai or small plant organisms such as moss. The stabilization process has the advantage of:

  • Keeping the leaves always green
  • Avoiding maintenance operations such as pruning


How are stabilized plants created?

In the case of the patented Verde Profilo stabilized MOSSwall, the sap (and therefore the capacity for photosynthesis and growth) is replaced with sodium chloride.

MOSSwall is a system of 4 panels with stabilized lichens, designed specifically for interior design, to give a green touch to closed environments.

The product is available in 23 different colours, it can be customized in shape and size, to furnish the interior of homes offices and public places with originality.


Other advantages of choosing stabilized moss for interiors

MOSSwall is:

  • Antibacterial, certified against the proliferation of insects with TEC 1990706284.
  • Antistatic, dust does not settle and does not require cleaning.


MOSSwall does not need traditional treatments, such as watering, does not require dusting and survives even in contexts with automatic air conditioning.

Furthermore, stabilized moss is an excellent indicator of the purity of indoor air: if the humidity drops below 40%, the lichens crystallize, signalling the atmospheric change and becomes a precious ally to keep the environment always aired guaranteeing the living comfort.



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