Freestanding Vertical Garden

Freestanding Vertical Garden

The beauty of having open spaces that allow you to have a wide visibility fascinates everyone, but the difficulty is to divide the spaces according to their needs. Sometimes to create private areas, sometimes to define work's area or even for a better use of the environment.

Verde Profilo® responds to this difficulty by offering freestanding dividing walls in a green style, suitable for outdoor and indoor, customizable in color and composition.

Freestanding MOSSwall®:
Our technology coupled with the nature of MOSSwall® has given life to the Freestanding MOSSwall® to divide indoor spaces or workstations. The soundproofing characteristics of MOSSwall® make it suitable for application in the workplace, the absence of bacteria or fungi allow the application in restaurants and health facilities, while the first-class fire certification guarantees us the installations in public places such as airports, theaters and shopping malls. Fully customizable, choosing among the 23 colors of MOSSwall® and its finishes. Freestanding MOSSwall® can reach up to 2 meters high with no length limit.

Freestanding Greenery:
Verde Profilo® in collaboration with the Designer Paola Lenti has created the Freestanding Greenery consisting of an external bodywork available in various colors and a natural coating with a wide choice of plants. Freestanding Greenery is suitable for both outdoor and indoor and available in two heights. An integrated irrigation system allows the automatic irrigation, it will be necessary to provide a dedicated waterline to the structure. Thanks to the double-sided covering with living plants, you can have a dividing wall that every day changing. 


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