Biophilic design concept

Biophilic design concept

Nature is now known to help improve lifestyle, to reduce stress, to recharge the spirit, to relax, to increase creativity, and to improve productivity.

But despite this most of the world population lives in urban centers, very far from nature and for this reason the need arises to bring nature within our cities, homes or work environments.

Biophilic Design is a green thought current that aims to bring individual in contact with nature in any environment he is.

Usually using natural native materials from the project area, eco-sustainable solutions but also simply creating a good view towards a park or a garden, are some of the key elements of Biophilic Design.

Many designers and architects have recognized themselves in the green current that is moving the world, so much so that the number of green buildings and environmentally conscious cities are increasing.

Those who practice it argue that Biophilic Design is no longer just a trend but is rather a life expectancy, almost a necessity for human well-being. This is demonstrated not only by the certifying bodies for LEED or WELL buildings, but also by the population itself, which increasingly wants green, stimulating and pleasant spaces in its offices, houses, shops and public spaces.


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