Fusion sfumatura



The priceless choice of the best plant species has given rise to a finish that has only been seen in nature.


MOSSwall Fusion MWO1, the natural stabilised moss panels for interiors

MOSSwall Fusion MWO1 is a Verde Profilo patent: a standard kit of four 60x40 cm pannels (to cover about 1 square metre of space) of 100% natural stabilised moss, made in Italy, with handmade structure and finishings.

The base of the panels is in galvanized steel sheet, coated with a layer of PVC, on which 3 different species of lichens are applied. Each stabilised moss panel is antistatic, antibacterial and tested against the proliferation of insects, as per test report TEC 1990706284. The lichens do not grow, they need neither water nor direct sunlight and need no kind of maintenance. The product is covered by a 5-year guarantee.

MOSSwall Fusion MWO1 is the ideal solution for designing a green corner in the home, office and commercial environment. MOSSwall Fusion MWO1 is available in Wasabi 95 and Natural 96 colours.


Should MOSSwall Fusion MWO1 be irrigated? Does it need light?

No, MOSSwall Fusion MWO1 should not be irrigated and should not be exposed to the sun’s rays.

This product is perfect for enhancing low-light environments and for furnishing representative spaces, without the commitment of taking care of the vegetation: in fact, the moss does not deteriorate and does not rot.


How do you mount the stabilized moss panel?

It is very simple, once you have chosen the point where to place MOSSwall Fusion MWO1, there are two possibilities:

  1. Place the panel directly on the wall and fix it with a dowel system.
  2. Screw uprights, single or double, to the wall and then make the panel adhere to this structure by pressure.

For wall finishes it is necessary to purchase the 60x40 cm. panel MWO2 model, sold separately. MOSSwall Fusion MWO1 does not require electrical and hydraulic preparations.


Can MOSSwall Fusion MWO1 be an indicator of the healthiness of indoor environments?

Of course yes: to survive in optimal conditions, stabilized saline-based moss needs a standard humidity level, which is between 40% and 50%.

If the humidity drops below 40%, the lichens crystallize: this is the signal that indicates the change in the atmosphere of the environment. When the level returns to normal, MOSSwall Fusion MWO1 restores itself in a short time. It is advisable to avoid touching the lichens when they are in the crystallization phase because they could crumble: for any eventuality Verde Profilo provides a special repair kit to keep the appearance of the green wall intact.

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