Fusion sfumatura



The priceless choice of the best plant species has given rise to a finish that has only been seen in nature.


MOSSwall® Fusion is the new finish for all MOSSwall® products.

We observed the biodiversity of the undergrowth where lichen is born, and used it to produce MOSSwall®. Keen study led to the selection of the best plant species, mixing them with MOSSwall® lichen to create MOSSwall® Fusion. This new vision, which is lush and wild, is the ideal solution to bring the typical undergrowth of forests into homes and in contact with humans.

MOSSwall® Fusion is available in the colors wasabi95 and Natural96.

Last Work

Are you thinking of transforming your gray and monotonous environment into something beautiful, alive, exclusive, and different? Take a look at our realizations and let it inspire you.

Yes, I want to see them

The original MOSSwall for the MEI System stairway

Our certified MOSSwall® system also for Hospitals

Nuova sede per Pewag Immobiliare Srl

MOSSwall® Boiserie for the new Cartotecnica Rigon headquarters


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