Boiserie sfumatura



Wood and lichen come together to create MOSSwall® Boiserie.



Presented at the Milan Furniture Fair 2016, the Boiserie finish confirms all expectations, and ranks among the most popular Verde Profilo® products on the market.

Designed in two colours and with different combinations, Boiserie is ideal to create innovative, attractive and functional settings, and also to restyle and transform existing spaces.

Either Natural or Zenzero, combined with the MOSSwall® colors, Boiserie is an extraordinary choice for interior design projects studied to create sophisticated custom-designed solutions.

Last Work

Are you thinking of transforming your gray and monotonous environment into something beautiful, alive, exclusive, and different? Take a look at our realizations and let it inspire you.

Yes, I want to see them

Showroom in Brasil set up with the patented product MOSSwall® of Verde Profilo®

ADR - Aeroporti di Roma chose Verde Profilo® and the original MOSSwall®.

Entrance hall of the office in Milan

Wellness Co-working Company WORK WELL WIN Opens Greenwich, Connecticut’s First Co-working Location


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