Wall Mounting sfumatura

Wall Mounting

Wall Mounting

The original substructure is designed for functional and rapid installation.

Continuous product evolution and ongoing research to implement improvements have enabled Verde Profilo® to study and design a solid and certified structural system.

The system consists of single and double stainless steel uprights for the initial and central parts, and side finish carters that are available in the colours brown and white.

The structure allows the passage of cables and piping in addition to making installation quicker and easier.


Last Work

Are you thinking of transforming your gray and monotonous environment into something beautiful, alive, exclusive, and different? Take a look at our realizations and let it inspire you.

Yes, I want to see them

MOSSwall® a style symbol

A&C Illuminazione new headquarters

Custom made MOSSwall® for the Croatian studio

Verde Profilo® for the International Airport in Kuwait realized different natural custom wall with mix colors.


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