Round sfumatura



MOSSwall® Round redesigns the vertical green, enriching MOSSwall® walls with original and flexible traits.

The organic shape of the undergrowth, where MOSSwall® is created and grows, reproduces in semi-spheres with diameters 40, 30, 25 and 20 cm.

Furthermore, the 40 cm semi-sphere is also available with LED backlighting. MOSSwall® Round is available in 23 natural colours.

MOSSwall® Round can be directly installed on a wall or on MOSSwall® panels simply and rapidly with magnets, providing a unique 3D effect.


Last Work

Are you thinking of transforming your gray and monotonous environment into something beautiful, alive, exclusive, and different? Take a look at our realizations and let it inspire you.

Yes, I want to see them

Unique and artistic project

Verde Profilo® for the International Airport in Kuwait realized different natural custom wall with mix colors.

A new restaurant experience

Our certified MOSSwall® system also for Hospitals


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