MOSSwall® Acoustic sfumatura

MOSSwall® Acoustic

“The new frontier of acoustics, 100% natural”

MOSSwall® Acoustic

The new frontier for sound: discover the natural sound-absorbing panel.



The MOSSwall® system's continuous evolution has led us to enhance the product's intrinsic characteristics. In fact, this idea, born in partnership with Fonology, a renowned company in the scene of acoustics, produced MOSSwall® Acoustic. The system exploits the spongy form of stabilised moss typical of MOSSwall®, a special perforated panel that allows the passage of sound, which is then captured by the rock wool mat positioned in the cavity of our MOSSwall® uprights.

The panel is certified for sound absorption, reaching a coefficient α 0.70.

MOSSwall® Acoustic is not only a soundproofing device but also a natural item. In fact, the front panel is covered with stabilised lichen from northern countries, available in 22 colours to create natural walls that meet every taste and idea.


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