Free Standing sfumatura

Free Standing

Free Standing

The intelligent substructure studied by Verde Profilo® rapidly creates a free-standing wall covered by MOSSwall®.


This highly versatile system is made up of a base, available either in brown or white, with mounted on it the paired stainless steel uprights, MOSSwall® patented panels, hooked on both sides and perfectly framed by carters and finishing tops, available in brown and white. The system provides a flexible and modular solution to create functional and community sites. MOSSwall®'s certified soundproofing properties also reduce noise levels in an open space layout.


Last Work

Are you thinking of transforming your gray and monotonous environment into something beautiful, alive, exclusive, and different? Take a look at our realizations and let it inspire you.

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MOSSwall® Boiserie for the new Cartotecnica Rigon headquarters

Nuova sede per Pewag Immobiliare Srl

Stabilized MOSS for over 180 sqm wall application


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