MOSSwall®: your air quality meter


MOSSwall®: stabilized moss and humidity

One of the most frequent questions we receive about MOSSwall® concerns the humidity to be kept in the room so that it can always look good over time. The answer is very simple: if you are well your lichen wall will look good too! This is because the minimum recommended humidity rate for maintaining lichen is the same that is recommended for human beings to be comfortable in an internal environment: 40%.

MOSSwall® as a measure tool

From what we have just said, we can deduce that by observing any changes in your mossy wall, whether they are changes in sight or touch, you can very easily see if your environment is healthy or not for your own thermal well-being. If you touch the moss and it is not so soft, then you know that your room is too dry for you too! What to do? In many cases it will be enough to air the room several times a day, otherwise it might be useful to buy a humidifier.

Now let's see what the Italian Ministry of Health says about this issue.

Thermal well-being

When the human body, with minimal commitment to the thermoregulation mechanisms, does not feel cold or hot, the individual finds himself in a state of satisfaction with the environment known as "thermal well-being". This optimal condition occurs only if the environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity and air speed are suitably graduated. Ventilation can influence the microclimatic parameters and plays an important role in the process of thermoregulation of the human body and in ensuring situations of environmental comfort. Microclimatic well-being and environmental comfort refer to the environmental condition in which indoor air is perceived as optimal by most occupants from the point of view of both physical (temperature, humidity, ventilation) and chemical ("clean" or "fresh" air) properties ").

Here is a usage of MOSSwall® that you surely haven't thought of!

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