Come and Visit our Apartment - Verde Profilo and Elle Decor Italia

Come and Visit our Apartment - Verde Profilo and Elle Decor Italia

THE APARTMENT by ELLE DECOR ITALIA AND AIRBNB A Milan apartment, in via Vivaio 22, changes its face and prepares to welcome guests. The Apartment is a project born from the collaboration between Airbnb and Elle Decor Italia to present Airbnb Plus in Italy: the Airbnb category that collects original houses, of character, verified for quality and comfort. For the group, which connects travelers and visitors all over the world, it is the first co-branded exhibition project born to enhance one of the main strengths of Airbnb Plus, the design. Verde Profilo is proud to have been chosen for the supply and design of green scenery to complete the unique design that distinguishes these homes, an exemplary plant that always refers to nature and which is in direct contact with the user who uses the space , a terrace set in the wild green to dampen the linearity of the architecture providing a double advantage of relaxation and privacy. In this panorama fits the tailor made restyling conceived together with DWA Studio. Many organized meetings: Photographing a house at the time of Instagram; To design the style of a home; The perfect brunch for guests; Furnishing the home through the five senses; The importance of light in interior design; Smart Life Smart City. 



Why green into the offices improve productivity?

Acoustic well-being improves the productivity

The new building regulation focuses on energy efficiency

We can't still wait, the change is urgent, we must leave a better world than today's for the future generations


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