Innovation, Sustainability, and Unique Experiences in the World of Architecture

Interview with Lorenzo Pesaresi, Founder of LPA

In the world of architecture and design, few entities can successfully combine innovation, sustainability, and unique experiences like LPA (Lorenzo Pesaresi Architetti). The company, founded by Lorenzo Pesaresi, has always aspired to guide clients through every stage of the construction process, from initial planning to final realization. With a wide range of projects spanning from residential to urban redevelopment, retail, tertiary, and even the railway sector, LPA has consistently demonstrated a dedication to architectural excellence and enhancing the customer experience. In the following interview, Lorenzo Pesaresi tells us how LPA has transformed the concept of architectural design by introducing elements such as greenery to enhance the customer experience and embracing ethics and sustainability as central elements of their work.

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Lorenzo, let's start with you and LPA. What does the company specialize in?

LPA has always aspired to guide the client through the entire construction process, from the initial planning phases to budget determination and ultimately to the end result. Our expertise covers various areas, including residential, urban redevelopment, retail, tertiary, and even the railway sector. In essence, we handle all-around projects.


Which project would you like to tell us about today from Archination?

I would like to tell you about a journey rather than a single project, representing a significant change. A cooperative of entrepreneurs, starting from a small town in Lazio, had the courage to innovate in the organized retail sector. We worked with them to transform the concept of sales into a service, introducing elements that engage and enhance the customer experience.


Greenery is a key element in your projects, both indoors and outdoors. Can you tell us how you use it and how it solves design challenges?

Greenery is a must for us because it connects us with nature and evokes emotions. In the context of organized retail, for example, we have created organic paths with green elements that capture the customer's attention, transforming the act of shopping into an experience. We use greenery to make elements iconic and visible within the retail spaces, creating a visual attraction.


In recent years, there seems to be a growing focus on ethics, sustainability, and the customer experience even in fields beyond design and architecture. What are your thoughts on this?

Today, we are more aware of how we present ourselves to the world and how others perceive us. This focus on the customer experience is crucial, not only in organized retail but also in other sectors. The complementarity of design, ethics, and sustainability is increasingly recognized as an essential part of business success.


Lastly, what is the keyword that represents LPA's philosophy?

The keyword that represents our philosophy is "love." Love for what we do, for our profession, and for the dedication to our work with passion. We often ask our colleagues if they are "architects" or if they "do architecture" because we believe that only those who truly love their profession can create extraordinary projects. The interview with Lorenzo Pesaresi of LPA has taken us into the world of architecture and design, revealing the importance of innovation, sustainability, and the customer experience. LPA serves as an excellent example of how a love for one's work can transform architectural design into something truly extraordinary. With a philosophy rooted in ethics and sustainability, LPA continues to shape the future of architecture and design in a positive and meaningful way.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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