Innovation, Vertical Greenery, and Informality in Interior Architecture

Interview with Jacopo Roversi of Studio Speri

In the ever-evolving world of interior architecture, Studio Speri is making its mark with a philosophy based on innovation, vertical greenery, and informality. We had the opportunity to sit down with Jacopo Roversi, one of the partners at Studio Speri, for an in-depth conversation about their perspectives and recent projects. Let's discover how this engineering and architecture company is redefining communal spaces and everyday experiences through design.

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Jacopo, let's start from the basics. Can you tell us something about Studio Speri and its field of activity?

Primarily, Speri was born as an engineering company, but later, with the arrival of one of the three partner brothers, an architect with experience in London, we founded the Architecture Department. Here, we specialize mainly in interior architecture, focusing on sectors such as hospitality, offices, co-working spaces, and everything related to people's daily lives.


So, you mainly focus on communal spaces rather than residences?

Our primary target is communal spaces, although in the past, we have undertaken residential projects when we felt the project warranted it. We always strive to add value even to secondary locations, as demonstrated by a recent project in Bari, which received great appreciation from the client.


I'd like to delve into your work on the green wall in collaboration with Verde Profilo. Can you tell us more?

Certainly. We recently completed a project with our colleagues from Verde Profilo, creating a beautiful green wall at the entrance of a Windtre office. This project was particularly appreciated by the client, despite being a secondary location. We worked with the same dedication we give to major projects, demonstrating our commitment to creating welcoming environments everywhere.


Vertical greenery seems to be a growing trend in the world of offices. What is your opinion on this?

Vertical greenery and a focus on greenery, in general, have become essential, even in work environments. Although there were initial concerns about maintenance and fragility, these concerns have been outweighed by the evident benefits. Vertical greenery has become an effective way to enhance the quality of workspaces and convey a positive impression.


How do you think greenery influences the way you design spaces?

Greenery has changed the way we design spaces. It has introduced new possibilities for expression, both through live plants and through non-living solutions that evoke the idea of greenery. This reflects a growing awareness among people about the environment and sustainability, both in workplaces and in their homes. Studio Speri is redefining interior architecture with an approach based on innovation, vertical greenery, and informality. Their work demonstrates how it is possible to create inviting and communicative spaces in a hectic world, while the trend toward vertical greenery is becoming increasingly popular. Informality, as emphasized by Jacopo Roversi, is essential in an era where everyone is seeking some tranquility. Interior architecture is changing, and Studio Speri is at the forefront of this transformation.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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