Innovation, Greenery, and Creativity

Interview with Carmine De Renzio from Pazienza De Rienzo Architetti Associati

In the heart of the captivating city of Bitonto, Pazienza De Rienzo Architetti Associati is bringing unique and cutting-edge architectural projects to life. Carmine De Renzio, one of the studio's founders, discusses the innovative approach, the role of greenery, and creativity in architecture.

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Carmine, let's start with you and your studio. What do you specialize in, typologically speaking?

My studio covers a wide range of areas in architecture. We're a team of ten professionals in the studio, including myself, my partner, and our two daughters. We cover various fields, from urban planning to public works, from design to architecture, and even interiors. This diversity reflects our passion and dedication to architecture.

Let's talk about projects. Which project would you like to discuss today?

We've recently tasked with redesigning the two central squares of Bitonto, our hometown. However, I'd also like to tell you about a residential project that excites us. It involves designing an entire city block in the heart of Bitonto, a building with around fifty apartments spread across three staircases.

Is this building a new construction, or is it an alteration of an existing volume?

It's completely new. It's a building of fifty apartments, with a commercial ground floor of around 1200 square meters. This building is divided into three interconnected staircases, creating an intriguing and open space.

I imagine greenery is a central theme in this project.

Absolutely. Greenery plays a fundamental role not only in the ground floor spaces but also on the terraces. The building is designed with a central open courtyard accessible to the public during daylight hours, allowing passersby to enjoy the green spaces. The terraces will be staggered, integrating perfectly with the green spaces to create a harmonious experience.

How do you address the issue of greenery within the project? Do you use external expertise, or do you manage the greenery internally?

Usually, we entrust the management of greenery to specialized companies. We hope to collaborate with the hosting company this year, as the project requires detailed care and shared handling.  Greenery is a vital element, and its maintenance requires expertise and attention.

What's the keyword in your design approach?

The keyword for us is "creativity." We always aim to create something new and stunning, without going overboard with fireworks. Creativity is the element that guides us in the creation of balanced and delicate projects capable of evoking emotions.

The interview with Carmine De Renzio from Pazienza De Rienzo Architetti Associati highlighted how innovation, greenery, and creativity are central elements in their approach to design. From opening private buildings to the public to the attention given to greenery, the studio demonstrates the importance of a multidisciplinary and environmentally sensitive approach. Their dedication to architecture and creating unique spaces continues to leave an indelible mark on the city of Bitonto and beyond.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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