Ideas for beautifying a restaurant with a touch of green

Ideas for beautifying a restaurant with a touch of green

Ideas for beautifying a restaurant with a touch of green

Indoor plants are perfect for decorating bars, pubs, and restaurants with a natural, simple, and contemporary style.

Indoor greenery creates a welcoming, colorful, and relaxing atmosphere, which is ideal for making customers feel comfortable in the environment.

The presence of plants can be designed using the classic approach of pots and other ground structures, or you can opt for the design of a vertical garden on the wall.

In this article, we will explore the advantages of choosing green decor and share some ideas to enhance bars, restaurants, and other public spaces with indoor plants.

The Advantages of Indoor Green Decor

Decorating bars and restaurants with a touch of green not only serves an aesthetic purpose. There are many benefits that plants bring to enclosed spaces, such as:

Acoustic Insulation

Green walls have a soundproofing and sound-absorbing function, improving the acoustics of the environment. 

Acoustic comfort is an important feature for a place's reputation: according to a study by AOHL UK, 62% of customers wouldn't return to a venue they consider noisy.

Air Purification

Thanks to the presence of plants, the air quality improves: the amount of CO2 in the air decreases, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are absorbed

These are volatile organic compounds, including particles and other fine pollutants circulating in the air.

Increased Relaxation and Good Mood

Being in a natural environment has a relaxing effect on people. 

Plant species lower cortisol levels, the "stress hormone," and improve mood: precisely the feeling every manager wants customers to experience when entering their establishment.

Every restaurant has a unique style; it's possible to design indoor greenery that matches the personality of the venue. Absolutely, just select the most suitable plants.

Choosing Plants for Restaurant Decor

Here are 3 factors to consider for optimizing the green decor of a restaurant:


The costs of a green decor project vary based on the selection of plant speciestropical, flowering, edible, evergreen, etc.and needs related to contingent events.

Maintenance Time

This is a crucial aspect: plants need care to maintain their lush appearance. 

An alternative solution for managers seeking low-maintenance green decor is stabilized green walls

To learn more, we invite you to read the article on our blog: Everything You Need to Know About Stabilized Greenery.

See stabilized green products

Space Characteristics

To design functional green decor, it's essential to rely on a professional who examines the space's characteristics. 

This includes dimensions of the area, sun exposure, humidity levels in the air, and the possibility of connecting a phytostimulation system to electrical and plumbing installations.

The Verde Profilo team has extensive experience in vertical greenery design for the Ho.Re.Ca sector.

Explore projects

3 Indoor Greenery Projects for Inspiration

After discussing the benefits of indoor green decor and how to choose plants for a restaurant or bar's decor, we'd like to share 3 interior design projects completed by the Verde Profilo team with different botanical layouts.

We have created vertical gardens and stabilized lichen walls for a restaurant in Milan, a pastry shop in Modena, and a venue in the province of Treviso.

Looking for a partner for designing green decor for bars and restaurants?

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