Humanisation of healthcare spaces also thanks to greenery

Interview with Filippo Taidelli

Filippo Taidelli is an architect of great experience and creativity, known for his compact yet powerful studio specializing in healthcare projects and energy retrofitting of residential buildings, with a focus on humanizing healing spaces. We will learn more about his current projects and the unique vision he brings to the world of architecture.

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Filippo, let's start with you and your studio. What is the general focus of your work?

My studio is dedicated to various scales of design, but our core business revolves around healthcare projects and energy retrofitting of residential buildings.


Tell us about the current project or projects you'd like to share with Darkinagio?

At the moment, we are completing the new faculty of bioengineering at the Polytechnic University in collaboration with Humanitas. Additionally, we are developing a fascinating project related to a service building for proton therapy, aimed at oncology patients, which will come to fruition in the next 4 years. The central theme is the relationship between the emotional needs of the patient and the environment that welcomes them, focusing on humanizing healing spaces.


Humanizing healing spaces sounds like a very interesting approach. How are you emphasizing this aspect in your projects?

Exactly, our goal is to reduce the distance between the physical space and the human needs, creating environments that reactivate sensory and emotional memories in patients. For example, we use greenery as a design tool, shifting from a decorative element to one that influences behavior and evokes empathy.


Bringing the outside inside seems like a fascinating challenge, especially in settings like hospitals where patients must remain indoors. How do you achieve this goal?

Indeed, our aim is to bring the sensations and emotions of the outside world inside, such as sunlight, moving clouds, and the scents of flowers. Even in environments with structural constraints, we try to create real sensory experiences using both analog and digital techniques.


Speaking of specific techniques and approaches, are there any keywords that characterize your way of working?

Absolutely, one of the keywords for us is "osmosis." It is a biological process in which two living beings collaborate, survive, and grow together, and for us, it represents a positive contamination between the environment and architecture. We use local and sustainable materials, creating a balance between local resources and economic efficiency. Moreover, osmosis extends to the relationship between the internal and external environment, allowing for a functional expansion of spaces.

The interview with Filippo Taidelli has revealed an architectural approach centered around humanizing healing spaces. Through the use of greenery as a design tool and attention to the relationship between internal and external environments, Filippo creates empathetic and welcoming spaces for patients, healthcare workers, and visitors. His vision of "osmosis" between environment and architecture is reflected in current projects such as the new faculty of bioengineering at the Polytechnic University and the building for proton therapy. Filippo Taidelli's work demonstrates how architecture can positively impact people's lives and enhance the experience in spaces dedicated to healing and well-being.

Interview by Giorgio Tartaro.

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