How does the design of a vertical garden work?

Designing vertical green spaces inside and outside environments, both public and private, is an increasingly sought-after solution by clients for architecture and interior design studios. In this article, we will explore what is needed to construct a vertical garden that is beautiful, functional, and in line with the style of the location.

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Where and why build a vertical garden

Vertical gardens are modular structures equipped with planters and a fertigation system that can be installed on walls, facades, and surfaces both indoors and outdoors. They are design solutions that cater to the growing need to connect with greenery and enjoy the benefits of nature even in built environments with high population density, such as cities.

What are the most obvious advantages of incorporating a high-quality vertical garden into a space's design?

  • Optimizing space by utilizing vertical surface area
  • Creating a visually impactful and decorative structure
  • Enhancing the well-being of individuals within the spaces

Whether it's offices, hospitality spaces (Ho.Re.Ca), schools, or other public areas, conceiving and realizing a vertical garden requires diverse expertise, ranging from botanical knowledge to technical skills for the final installation. Hence, it's essential to rely on industry professionals who are experienced and capable throughout the various stages of vertical garden creation.

Stages of vertical garden implementation

Site Assessment

In this phase, an evaluation of the context's characteristics is carried out to define project specifications. Factors like sunlight exposure, ventilation, and the region's typical climate are taken into consideration.


After the site assessment, the project is developed according to user needs, location characteristics, and the selected botanical layout.

Structure Installation

This involves assembling the garden structure, including guides, hooks, and expanded polypropylene (EPP) planters containing the plants.

Functionality Testing

This final phase aims to test the entire system, from the technical chamber to the dripping wing present in each module. Functionality testing also ensures there are no leaks and that the fertigation system is programmed correctly.

Creating the vertical garden: Choosing plants

This question is answered by the designers responsible for the vertical garden's planning. These experts select the best and most suitable species for survival based on geographic and climatic peculiarities, as well as the client's preferences.

For instance, in the vertical garden for Asiago Food company in Veneto, a wide variety of species were chosen to create the effect of a natural meadow that changes color and scent throughout the seasons.

Plant growth and nourishment are ensured by the technological fertigation system, which supplies water and nutrients.

The structure and system are designed to prevent moisture and water from seeping into the wall on which the garden is installed, avoiding infiltrations and subsequent damages.

Vertical gardens: Implementation and maintenance

A vertical garden consists of living organisms and therefore requires regular maintenance, such as pruning. At Verde Profilo, we offer consistent and punctual post-sale maintenance services tailored to plant needs and seasonal changes.

If a maintenance-free solution is desired, an alternative to the vertical garden is available: MOSSwall® by Verde Profilo, a vertical green wall made of stabilized natural moss. To learn more, read the article on the blog: "What is Stabilized Moss - A Design by Verde Profilo."

Stabilized moss requires no care, neither light exposure nor water, and is perfect for decorating the interiors of both public and private spaces.

Designing a vertical garden: Rely on Verde Profilo

We've seen that choosing a vertical garden offers various advantages, from psychophysical benefits to space enhancement. Through innovative and diverse solutions, Verde Profilo allows for customized vertical gardens, both in terms of size and botanical layout.

The Verde Profilo team is at the service of clients with a comprehensive design and realization service, aimed at creating the perfect vertical garden for every project.

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