Terraced Landscaping sfumatura

Terraced Landscaping

“Terraced landscaping design. We transform your Terrace in a relaxing area.”

Terraced Landscaping

Terraced Landscaping. The design of a Terrace is based on the assessment of available space, customer needs and the surrounding environment. The correct design doing communicate the outdoor environment with the house, representing the natural extension of the home.

Although Terraces and Balconies can be considered as spaces that apparently don't offer creative and scenic possibilities, given its small size, if designed with a sense of volume, with an appropriate choice of plants and essences, a wise use of techniques and materials can give shape to Unique design terraces surrounded by greenery.
The new technologies allow the customer to understand, even from the very first draft, the final style of the terrace, starting with the choice of the essences, from the design of the pots to the arrival of the insertion of functional accessories to the needs of the customer.
Terraces designed by Verde Profilo® can be considered as real urban oasis, rich in charm and magic, which guarantee a continuous change of colors and scents over time. The choice of essences is followed by Garden Designers who, having understood the real needs of the customer, adopt innovative and special solutions to maximize the space available, making them so original. For the terrace it will also be important to have the right privacy, which will be obtained through semi-covering solutions. If you have a beautiful view, Verde Profilo® technicians will maximize it by "framing" and doing "fall" the eye towards the panorama.
The design of Terraces is a service provided by Verde Profilo®, which, with the help of specialized technicians and expert designers, succeeds in realizing the idea of the client creating modern terraces that give relaxation moments from the frantic rhythm imposed by the city.
The construction of terraces includes all the facilities necessary for the proper development of green in the time, the design and construction of design pots designed ad-hoc properly inserted in the context of the home, the supply and installation of the materials as per project.

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