Garden design for Hotels - Resorts - Residences

“Innovation, Eco-Friendly and uniqueness, these the characteristics of all our realizations.”


The garden is a hotel's business card. It offers the sensation of relaxation and energy, also ensuring the privacy of each user who will be staying there.

Verde Profilo® designs and realizes gardens for hotels, resorts and residences.

Verde Profilo® designs and implements gardens for hotelsresorts and residences.

Garden design begins with an initial analysis of the green area to be modified by assessing soil typology, exposure and climate. Then Verde Profilo® will propose the best solution to maximise the strengths of the garden in compliance with the customer's needs. Analysis and sharing will create a first draft project that will be developed with renderings, a botanical chart and a technical chart. The garden will be created by a team of Verde Profilo®'s specialists, directed by the designer who has followed and studied the project step by step with the customer. Once it has been set up, the Garden will be provided with all the options to make it functional, including irrigation, lighting and furnishing accessories. The garden is a hotel's business card. It offers the sensation of relaxation and energy, also ensuring the privacy of each user who will be staying there.

Verde Profilo®'s garden design for hotels and resorts ensures the right balance of aesthetics and functional features. The scenic design of the vegetation and an insightful study of spaces dedicated to relaxation are decisive for a hotel's charm. The choice of enchanting green plants and their view offer guests an unforgettable experience. Colourful and fragrant bushes and evergreen blooms form a screen that keeps out the sight and noise of the road. The pool designs a large water mirror that expands the perception of space, and a beautiful pergola offers restful shade. Evening lights play with leaves, capturing and releasing them, relaxing both mind and body.

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Are you thinking of transforming your gray and monotonous environment into something beautiful, alive, exclusive, and different? Take a look at our realizations and let it inspire you.

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Verde Profilo realizes scenographic garden and green areas for public spaces

Landscape Design with swimming pool

The green vision of Verde Profilo®


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