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The renovation of the headquarters of Groupama Assicurazioni at Eur in Rome - carried out by the pool of architects of the Transit studio in Rome - is an excellent example of how an architectural project can be fully oriented towards improving the relationship between people and the working environment. In this context, the vertical lawn created by Verde Profilo, a company operating in the field of green roofs, is a further contribution to the well-being of people who, living and working in the city, have few opportunities to come into contact with nature.
The basis of every Verde Profilo project is in fact the desire to reinterpret the concept of greenery by exploiting its versatility in adapting to the forms designed by man.

The vertical lawn created in the courtyard of the Italian headquarters of Groupama covers a two-meter high concrete wall with a steel substructure of brackets and crossbeams. The innovative idea behind this project lies in the two-sided nature of the lawn that also covers the outside of the wall adjacent to the road.
The final effect is a sense of continuity between the building and the outdoor space and the establishment of a dialogue between the grass and the surrounding environment.

The structure follows the classic scheme of ventilated facades and is a classic green wall placed on a steel structure with an incorporated fertilization irrigation system, where the grass is rooted on the felt. The turf is made with zoysia, a warm-season species that requires only one annual cut and that grows slowly and compactly, changing color according to the seasons. The technological system for the fertilization irrigation system - which is not bulky and not visible from the outside - is housed in the vicinity of the lawn in an accessible technical room for maintenance interventions.
It consists of a tank and a doser that delivers the fertilizer according to specific doses and proportions, and then introduces it into the water circulation system. The combination of the supporting structure and the system prevents the passage of moisture or water towards the wall on which the lawn is fixed, preserving the wall from any infiltration.
The innovative system of vertical covers designed by Verde Profilo allows the creation of large green facades with a linear and clean design, easy to lay, and with a maintenance structure with minimal bulk.

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