The Art of Architecture Integrated with Nature

Interview with Arcangelo Ficco of Arkalab

In the world of contemporary architecture, the importance of combining the art of construction with respect for the environment and the surrounding nature is becoming increasingly prominent. Arkalab, a design laboratory, has distinguished itself for its ability to create architectural spaces that harmoniously integrate with the surrounding landscape, while also emphasizing functionality and aesthetics. Here's the interview with Arcangelo Ficco, founder of Arkalab, to explore the world of Arkalab, where architecture and nature blend in a symphony of innovative design.

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Let's start by talking about Arkalab and its activities. What kind of projects does it focus on?

Arkalab is a comprehensive design laboratory. We engage in a wide range of projects, from urban planning to architectural details. We cover various areas, such as residential, retail, and recreational and entertainment spaces.

Speaking of specific projects, could you tell us about one of the recent projects?

Certainly, one of the projects that represents us well is the Verdemela store. It's a retail store for clothing and items for men and women. This project is unique because we reclaimed a space from the early 20th century and transformed it into a welcoming retail space, with both outdoor and indoor areas. Working in the retail sector is challenging due to rapid changes, but it has given us the opportunity to explore new creative solutions.

You mentioned the use of greenery in this project. How did you integrate greenery into the design?

In the Verdemela project, we reclaimed the inner courtyard of a historic building and utilized the relationship between the interior space and the courtyard. We created a unique pathway connecting the street to the inner courtyard. The use of greenery was crucial in conveying a sense of connection with nature even within the retail space.

Talking about other projects, you mentioned "Lido," a project involving the revitalization of a public space. Can you tell us more about this?

Certainly, the Lido project involves the restoration of a space associated with bathing and has become a landmark in Bisceglie. We naturalized this area by removing constructions from the '60s and '70s to restore its natural beauty. We used materials like pebbles and wood, elements that blend with the surrounding environment and age gracefully over time without leaving a trace.

In "Telecamere Spente," you also mentioned a project involving an observation tower in an active park. So, you've worked extensively on the landscape?

Absolutely, the outdoor aspect is an important part of the design phase. The ongoing project involves an observation tower along the coast. We're intervening to create synergy between the architectural element and the surrounding landscape. We want the tower to be a centerpiece of the environment and to harmoniously integrate with the surrounding nature. This project represents our philosophy of blending architecture and nature in perfect balance.

It's evident that greenery plays a significant role in your projects. What's your approach to green design?

Green design is a fundamental part of our design philosophy. We don't want greenery to be mere decoration, but an element that enhances and enriches the space. We use native and seasonal species to create an authentic and sustainable landscape. We also collaborate with agronomy experts to select plants suitable for our context, considering both the marine environment we operate in and the Mediterranean aspect.

Finally, what's the keyword or phrase that defines your design approach?

I like to think of us as craftsmen of architecture, directly involved in the creation and realization process. We're deeply connected to the construction site and the materials we use. This tangible approach sets us apart, and I believe that through this connection with the construction process, we can truly achieve projects that harmonize with the environment and reflect our identity.

Thank you very much for sharing these interesting and inspiring insights about ArchiNature and your unique approach to architecture.

Thank you, it has been a pleasure to share our vision and commitment to the world of architecture integrated with nature.

Arkalab stands out as a design laboratory that embraces architecture integrated with nature. With a philosophy that combines aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, Arkalab creates architectural spaces that reflect the harmony between humans and the surrounding environment. The artisanal approach and close collaboration with agronomy experts give a unique touch to Arkalab's projects, creating architectural solutions that are true works of art nestled within nature.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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