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Interview with Luca Baldini from Studio Q-BIC

Interview with Luca Baldini from Studio Q-BIC

In an engaging exchange with Luca Baldini from Studio Q-BIC, we discover how the integration of greenery and urban regeneration are redefining the spaces of our everyday life. From the ambitious project of rehabilitating the former Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence to a new way of conceiving greenery in urban environments, Luca shares the vision and goals of the studio he represents, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary architecture and its impact on people's lives.

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Luca, tell us more about Studio Q-BIC.

Studio Q-BIC was founded with the idea of exploring and innovating in the field of architecture, going beyond simple residential design. Over the years, we have expanded our scope to the public and private sectors, always seeking a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

What projects are you particularly interested in?

Rehabilitation of the former Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence: A project that represents a complex but stimulating challenge, aiming to transform an abandoned industrial space into a new urban hub, where greenery plays a primary role in reconnecting the fabric of the city with its history and its people.

How important is greenery in your projects?

Greenery has become a pillar of our design philosophy. The pandemic has made us rediscover the essentiality of nature for human well-being, pushing us to consider green spaces not as mere decorations but as living and functional elements within urban environments.

How is greenery strategically integrated?

We work to ensure that greenery is integrated in a natural and organic way, choosing plants and species that can maintain a self-balancing equilibrium, contributing to creating an atmosphere of "real" nature within the designed spaces.

Is there a keyword that represents your approach to the project?

"Encounter". In our work, we aim to create spaces that facilitate the meeting between people, between past and future, between nature and architecture, thus generating livable environments that meet the needs of those who inhabit them.

Through this interview with Luca Baldini, the passion and commitment of Studio Q-BIC in integrating greenery and nature into the urban fabric emerge, contributing to creating more sustainable and welcoming cities. Their work emphasizes the importance of architecture as a means to improve the quality of life, demonstrating that it is possible to innovate while respecting tradition and the environment.

Interview conducted by Giorgio Tartaro

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