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About Us

“The Company's team consists of engineers, garden designers, planners and architects who share the company's Mission and love for the Nature.”

The brand Verde Profilo® was established in 2008 by Stefano Laprocina- an entrepreneur, connoisseur and nature lover-to promote and share a new green philosophy that explores an all-green concept.




Verde Profilo®'s mission is to encourage a spontaneous relationship between the individual and nature, exploiting the latter's ability to also adapt to human architectural solutions.

The corporate team includes engineers, garden designers, planners and architects who will assist the customer with a lifestyle analysis. Hence, the customer's needs will be the starting point in planning a green space featuring dedicated innovative design that is never stereotyped.

Curiosity and the ongoing quest for innovative techniques and materials have led Verde Profilo® to explore the concept of green developed into its many design options.

Our projects include Stylish Gardens and Orangeries, elegant private gardens, public areas, Winter Gardens and Parks, besides the vertical green solution with Vertical Gardens, Vertical Lawns and Vertical Hortus, and the creation of indoor solutions for exhibitions, shops, hotels, showrooms, spas and offices implemented with the innovative patented MOSSwall® system. 




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